Error Codes Amana Washing Machine

LED Display Diagnostic Codes

Nd - Diagnostic Code 1

Description: The water level remains above the low water level 15 minutes before the start of rotation.


LO - Diagnostic Code 2

Description: Failure to unlock the door after three attempts.


NF - Diagnostic Code 3

Description: Continuous filling for 12 minutes. General filling exceeds 14 minutes.


FL - Diagnostic Code 4

Description: Failure to block after three attempts.


LE - Diagnostic Code 8

Description: Water level fault sensor.


OE - Diagnostic Code E

Description: Fault detected in the water level sensor. Data (frequency) indicates that the water level is above or at the overflow level.


E2 - Diagnostic Code 15

Description: Key depressed for more than 30 seconds; it is assumed that the key is stuck.


DC - Diagnostic Code 10

Description: Never exceeded 400 rpm due to an unbalanced load.


Od - Diagnostic Code 17

Description: Door did not open after two complete washing cycles. Door switch has not been opened since the last two revolutions.


DL - Diagnostic Code 18

Description: Door lock switch with the engine running.


DS - Diagnostic Code 22

Description: Door switch is read as open, and the door lock switch is read as locked.


BE - Diagnostic Code 25

Description: Engine tachometer signal does not work.


TE - Diagnostic Code 29

Description: Abnormal high/low tempo observed. Or resistance Ohm.

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