Error Codes Ardo Washing Machine

Error Code Analysis for Washing Machine Malfunctions

E00, E01 - Drain from Washing Machine Interpretation: The washing machine is experiencing drainage issues.

Probable Malfunction: Check the washing machine's filter for potential clogs affecting drainage.

E02 - Incorrect Drain/Fill of Water and Spin Interpretation: Incorrect positioning of the drain hose, leading to a system malfunction.

Probable Malfunction: Adjust the drain hose position to resolve the system malfunction.

E03 - No Water Discharge or Exceeded Drainage Time Interpretation: Technical malfunction resulting in a lack of water discharge or prolonged drainage time (over 3 minutes).

Probable Malfunction: Contact the service center for household appliances maintenance to address the technical issue.

F2 - Temperature Sensor Issue Interpretation: Problems detected in the temperature sensor, control module, or heating element.

Probable Malfunction: Investigate and resolve issues with the temperature sensor, control module, or heating element.

F4 - No Water Drain Interpretation: Issues with draining water. Possible causes include problems with the drain hose or malfunctioning drain pump, necessitating replacement.

F5 - Simultaneous Drain and Water Set Interpretation: The drain hose is not correctly connected, and there are problems with the water supply filter.

F6, F6, F12 - Water Overflow Interpretation: Water overflow detected in the washing machine tank.

Probable Malfunction: Module or motor malfunction is likely. Professional inspection and potential replacement are recommended.

F8 - Excessive Water Level Interpretation: Abnormal water level detected in the tank.

Probable Malfunction: Issues with the water level sensor or solenoid valve are probable. Investigate and address these problems promptly.

F13, F14 - Water Level Sensor Problems Interpretation: Critical errors indicating issues with the water level sensor or solenoid valve. Malfunction of the electronic control module.

Probable Malfunction: Seek professional assistance to rectify critical errors in the electronic control module, water level sensor, or solenoid valve.

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