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Neff V5340X0EU Manual Pdf
Neff V5340X0EU Manual Pdf
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NEFF W5340X0GB - annexe 1 Manual
NEFF W5340X0GB - annexe 1 Manual
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Neff W5320X0EU Manual Pdf
Neff W5320X0EU Manual Pdf
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NEFF W5420X1 Instruction Manual
NEFF W5420X1 Instruction Manual
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If you are looking for a device that will help you wash a large amount of laundry, while keeping water and energy consumption to a minimum, then Neff brand products can meet all your requirements. The load capacity of washing machines is up to 7 kg of dry laundry. This is the best solution for a large family. The convenient control panel of the machine makes it easy to set the desired mode and washing time. The washing machine gently washes the most delicate fabrics. Neff washing machines allow you to wash both natural and synthetic laundry without damaging the fabric fibers. Moreover, while the machine is running, you will not be distracted by extraneous sounds. The noise level of Neff devices is very low. With regard to operational safety, Neff washing machines are equipped with an anti-scale and leak protection system. All household appliances from Neff are compact in size. Appliances can be installed both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Mastering the control of Neff equipment is not difficult. Typical washing programs are selected with a couple of button presses, but the user, if necessary, can independently create a program by setting the allowable level of water consumption, its temperature, and cycle duration.


Built-in washing machine Neff W5440X0

Description of the built-in dishwasher Neff W5440X0:


AquaStop leak protection system (with audible alarm) for the life of the machine

Rotary switch for selecting washing programs and special programs

All programs are time optimized

Signal at the end of the program

Washing 3.5 kg of synthetic fiber laundry

Keys: start, prewash, easy iron, extra rinse, intensive wash

Large display showing program progress, end time, spin speed, temperature and delayed start (up to 24 hours)

Water dosing control depending on the load and type of fabric

Unbalance and foam control

Possibility of re-hanging the furniture door on the right side



Hatch with a diameter of 30 cm with an opening angle of 130°

Consumption figures (washing 7 kg): energy consumption - 1.02 kWh, water consumption - 49 l, washing time - 135 min.

Connection power: 2.3 kW / 10 A

Loading: 7 kg

Drum: 53 l

Spin: 1400-400 rpm

Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x55x82 cm