Aerotek Air Conditioner Manuals PDF Free Download

This Swiss brand specializes in the production and sale of industrial equipment in the field of climate systems, which includes cassette fan coil units, chillers, VRF ducts and other devices. The company's management tries to respect the traditions and culture of the region chosen for the location of the plant, therefore, to this day it has a positive reputation. The air conditioners of this company are equipped with the most advanced technologies, and multiple competitors can envy the build quality. The manufacturer is very popular among both serious enterprises and ordinary buyers.

Aerotek cassette air conditioners of the AM-CS/CM series are excellent for creating a comfortable climate in commercial premises, exhibition halls, educational institutions, sports clubs and other commercial or administrative institutions. Cassette split systems are installed behind a false ceiling, and thanks to their compact dimensions (the height of the indoor unit is only 28.5 centimeters), the air conditioner fits easily even into a limited space.


The decorative panel measures 95x95 centimeters. The classic white color and strict design allow the unit to successfully complement any interior, and the reduced noise level does not attract too much attention.

The air flow is divided into four parts, which makes it possible to heat or cool the room as evenly as possible. Inside, a drainage pump is installed by default, which will drain the resulting condensate in time.

Aerotek split systems can be connected to a ventilation system, which will create an additional supply of fresh air.



Reliable Scroll Compressor

High accuracy while maintaining the set temperature

High efficiency

Compact dimensions

Quiet operation

Space cooling and heating

Dry mode

Simple ventilation mode

Night mode

Auto mode

Fault self-diagnosis system

Operation indicator light


Remote control

Adjusting the speed and direction of the air flow

Remembering the last entered settings

Stylish decorative panel (95x95 cm)

Condensate drain pump

Possibility of adding fresh air