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AUX Air Conditioner 410a Series DC Service Manual
AUX Air Conditioner 410a Series DC Service Manual
AUX Air Conditioner 410a Series DC Servi
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AUX is a Chinese brand of climate technology.

AUX was founded in 1986. Today, AUX is one of the largest air conditioner manufacturers in China. The company has over 20,000 employees.

The warm climate of China and, as a result, the large domestic demand for climate technology has allowed the company to achieve high quality products over the years of successful work.


The scope of the AUX Group is developing in six directions:


smart power equipment

mobile devices

real estate

medical equipment

financial investment

AUX ASW-H07B4/FAR1 Freedom FA series non-inverter wall-mounted split system is an air conditioner model designed to heat a room down to -8°C. The AUX Freedom split system is equipped with an informative hidden LED display with a convenient indication of operating modes. The high-strength housing is made of virgin, non-recycled plastic. Such plastic is non-toxic, more flexible, less fragile. Its strength is 15% higher than the secondary one, which makes the structure more reliable and durable. The design of the indoor unit is made in smooth, calm shapes in white.


The elegant and attractive body of the AUX ASW-H07B4/FAR1 air conditioner contains a large number of new promising developments. It is thanks to innovative technologies that this split system has one of the highest energy efficiency rates in the class of non-inverter systems. In addition, air filters are installed in the air conditioner. The filtration system is equipped with a coarse filter. Such a system not only protects the air conditioner from dust and small particles, but also purifies the air much more efficiently.


Key features and benefits of AUX Freedom :


"Auto restart" function. The air conditioner automatically remembers the operation settings during an emergency power outage. It returns to the previous settings when power is restored.

Self cleaning. When the air conditioner is turned off, the fan continues to run for a while, drying and preventing the formation of bacteria and mold inside the air conditioner.

Sleeping mode. The air conditioner will automatically increase (in heating mode) or decrease (in cooling mode) the temperature by 1 degree per hour (in the first 2 hours), and turn off after 5 hours. The sleep function helps maintain the most comfortable temperature and saves energy.

Two drainage outlets. For convenience, the water drain can be arranged both on the right and on the left side.

4D Air Delivery. The technology of three-dimensional air distribution is controlled from the remote control.