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Candy Washer dryer Instructions
Candy Washer dryer Instructions
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Candy ICW 101 TR H/C
Candy ICW 101 TR H/C
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Candy CIW 100 T
Candy CIW 100 T
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Candy washing machines Error Codes

Candy Error Codes.pdf
Candy Error Codes.pdf
Candy Error Codes.pdf
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Candy Dishwasher Error Codes

Candy Dishwasher Error Codes.pdf
Candy Dishwasher Error Codes.pdf
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Candy Washing Machine History

Candy Group: Redefining Domestic Excellence


Situated in the picturesque town of Brugherio, Italy, Candy Group emerges as a dynamic multinational giant, tracing its roots back to a modest mechanical workshop founded in 1945. A tale of transformation unfolded in the 1950s, propelling Candy from obscurity into the realm of a vast corporation, strategically acquiring production facilities across the European landscape.


While Italy serves as the heartbeat of Candy's operations, the company's influence transcends geographical boundaries. Boasting manufacturing prowess in Spain, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and China, Candy Group has become a global force. Fueled by an unyielding ambition for growth, the company ventures into new markets, with its diverse range of washing machines and household appliances finding resonance in homes across the globe.


Candy Group Unveiled:


Accessible Luxury: Beyond their inviting price tags, Candy's offerings stand out with an enticing variety, addressing the unique preferences and needs of diverse consumers.


Versatile Designs: Candy introduces innovative vertical models, perfect for snug spaces, and front-loading options available in both expansive and compact versions. A striking example is a 70 cm high unit designed for seamless installation beneath sinks.


Premium Washing and Spacious Tanks: Regardless of the model, Candy ensures a superior washing experience, coupled with capacious tanks designed to effortlessly accommodate various laundry loads. The lineup boasts an array of programs and intuitive controls, whether presented through a sleek touchscreen or a classic mechanical interface.


Cutting-Edge Functionality: Candy washing machines elevate the laundry experience with advanced features, including:


Leak protection

Programmable delayed start

Intelligent imbalance protection for a balanced drum

Child lock

Smart control over foaming levels

A freshness maintenance function, proving invaluable for forgotten laundry left in the drum.

The Epitome of Innovation: Candy Aquamatic 1D1035-07


Breaking away from convention, the Candy Aquamatic 1D1035-07 transcends the boundaries of traditional washing machines. This 2-in-1 marvel seamlessly integrates washing and drying capabilities, rendering clotheslines obsolete. A laundry dream, it presents key specifications:


Washing capacity: 6 kg

Drying capacity: 5 kg

Dimensions: 44 cm (depth), 85 cm (height), 60 cm (width)

Weight: 64 kg

Door diameter: Energy consumption: V

Water consumption for a full cycle: 110 l

Class: A

Spin class: B

Maximum speed: 1300 rpm

Maximum noise: 75 dB

Modes: 15

Drying options: 3 pcs.

Delay start: Maximum 24 hours

Control: Electronic, boasting an intuitive display.

In the vibrant world of home appliances, Candy Group reigns supreme as a symbol of innovation, effortlessly fusing affordability, versatility, and state-of-the-art technology. Each product is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, positioning Candy as a trusted name resonating with discerning consumers on a global scale.