Vimar Washing Machine Manuals PDF Free Download

The first serial washing machine was created in 1874 by William Blackstone, it had a manual drive. Electric machines appeared in 1908. The mechanization of washing practically led to the disappearance of the profession of laundress.

Modern washing machines are helpers in the household that will help to easily keep clothes clean and free up your time for more pleasant things.

The choice in favor of semi-automatic washing machines is due to a number of very stable and significant reasons for the Ukrainian consumer. They do not require connection to the central water supply system, so they can be used regardless of the availability and quality of public infrastructure. This fact, as well as their relatively small size and weight allows you to easily move washing machines, as well as install them in any convenient place. They also have a much lower price than their automatic counterparts, so you often do not even need to use an expensive consumer lending service to buy them.

Semi-automatic machines are much cheaper to operate:

• 6-10 times more economical to spend electricity per average wash!

• 3-5 times more economical in terms of water consumption!

• almost any washing powder is suitable, even the simplest and most affordable!

The absence of any open heating elements eliminates the possibility of scaling and reduces the likelihood of damage to the washing machine for this reason.

Systematic and professional realization of all these advantages in products under the Vimar brand gave her the opportunity not only to take a confident position in the market, but also to constantly improve, remaining at the peak of consumer preferences.


The type of washing machine is semi-automatic

The installation method is freestanding

Maximum load 6 kg

Belt drive type

Washing class C

There is no display

The loading type is vertical

Engine type collector

Type of control rotary mechanism

Spin class B

The maximum spin speed is 400 rpm

Basic programs

quick wash

express washing


delayed start

Safety and economy

Energy consumption class A

Height 675 mm

Width 440 mm

The color of the case is white

12 months warranty


Country of manufacture of goods China