DANTEX Air Conditioner Service Manuals PDF

Dantex Industries Ltd. is a young English-Chinese company, a manufacturer of equipment for air conditioning, ventilation and space heating, founded in 2002 in London. Despite its short history, the company has already managed to win the title of a promising brand, and its products are quite successfully sold in Eastern Europe and the UAE.

 Dantex products are the embodiment of many original innovative ideas, an example of high quality and reliability of this type of equipment. The quality control of manufacturing of Dantex devices is perfectly debugged and carefully carried out at any stage of production (design development, material supply, manufacturing of parts, testing on stands, assembly, supply, management of all dependent services of the company).

The basis of the company's success is the production of high quality climatic equipment, with different technical characteristics and in different price categories. Dantex air conditioners are popular among consumers due to their safety, reliability and ergonomics.

The most important assembly units of Dantex air conditioners - compressors - are supplied by well-known world leaders in this market area: Japanese companies Hitachi, Daikin, Matsushita and Toshiba, as well as the American company Copeland.

Dantex Industries Ltd. positions itself as a manufacturer of new generation air conditioners. The company's employees conducted their own research, based on the results of which models of air conditioners were developed that meet all the requirements of modern life.

The company's goal is to create ideal conditions for a comfortable human life in the metropolis. One of the aspects of achieving this goal is the company's creation of many models of air conditioners for large rooms and central air conditioning systems.

The range of HVAC equipment Dantex is quite wide:

domestic air conditioners;

columned split systems;

cassette split systems;

channel conditioners;

ceiling climate systems.

multizone systems;

roof air conditioners;

chillers with water and air cooling of the condenser;

compressor condenser blocks;


high performance air conditioners;

ventilation equipment: supply and exhaust units of recuperative (heat exchange) type.

Dantex household air conditioners are divided into different models - these are wall-mounted, mobile and floor air conditioners. These are ideal options for country houses, apartments, small offices and shops. The necessary comfort in these rooms will be provided - it will be warm here in winter, and cool in summer. The devices consume low power - up to 7 kW, are silent, have a small size and good design.

In confirmation of the main motto of the company - the creation of new generation air conditioners, Dantex climate equipment is endowed with the following functions - an ionizer and an oxygen generator; bioventilator; gold-plated bioevaporator; UV radiation generator; plasma filter and many others.

Dantex air conditioners are the ideal choice for modern city dwellers due to their stylish design, compact size, high energy efficiency and low noise level. This product is an optimal combination of price and quality, which makes it particularly attractive to a large number of consumers.