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Boilers Arderia ESR-2.20 are produced by the leading manufacturer of heating equipment in South Korea by Daesung Inductry co. Ltd. Coppers combine profitability, high quality and exclusive reliability.

The undeniable advantages of Arderia boilers:

1. Quality control at every stage.

Daesung uses the Toyota assembly system, where all employees are personally responsible for each boiler produced. By the number of the boiler, you can easily determine by whom it was assembled, from which batch the components were, and who carried out the acceptance of the Quality Control Department.


All components are carefully checked before entering the assembly shop. Quality inspectors are personally responsible for each batch. Only after their permission the details can be used.


Each boiler is assembled by one worker completely, from beginning to end. Each boiler receives a personal number, by which it is possible to determine when and by whom the boiler was assembled. What components were installed in it.


After assembly, all Arderia boilers are tested in operation with the connection of gas, RH and DHW. From each batch of 500 pieces, 2 boilers are selected for a more thorough check within 24 hours. After testing, the quality inspector puts his personal stamp on each boiler, and if a defect is found in the future, then all personnel will be personally responsible for this.


2. Two heat exchangers.

Despite the fact that recently many boiler manufacturers have begun to use bithermic heat exchangers, which have a short service life, to reduce the cost of construction, two heat exchangers are used in Arderia boilers. One of high quality copper for the heating system, the second plate of copper-plated stainless steel for hot water preparation. This significantly increases the service life of the boiler and improves the quality of its work.


3. Protection system.

Arderia boilers have a reliable protection system that includes boiler overheating protection, frost protection, voltage surge protection and gas leakage protection. If there is an insufficient level of coolant in the system or the chimney is blocked, the boiler will prevent an emergency. Using Arderia boilers, you will be sure of their complete safety.


4.Built-in voltage stabilizer.

A special 5MP5 chip performs the functions of a voltage stabilizer. Thanks to this, the Arderia boiler can operate in the range from 150 to 286 volts. Moreover, short-term drops can be from 140 to 320 V. This will ensure uninterrupted operation of the boiler in any existing electrical networks with unstable voltage, prevent the boiler from turning off due to power outages in the winter and protect the electronics from damage. And, of course, this allows you to save money on purchasing a separate stabilizer.


5.Supercharged by DC fan.

Most boilers use AC fans that are located after the combustion chamber. Such fans can only operate at one speed, but for chimneys of different lengths it is necessary to create different pressures, and when the amount of gas supply changes, a different amount of air is needed to burn it. That is, with the help of a fan of the old design, it is impossible to create optimal conditions for operation and, therefore, the maximum efficiency of the boiler.


The DC fan, which is installed in Arderia boilers, can operate at any required speed. It provides optimal air pressure at any given moment. Since it is located in front of the combustion chamber, it does not create a vacuum, but a pressurization of air. With the help of a DC fan, the air supply can be controlled to maximize the efficiency of the boiler.


6. Pump with a dry rotor.

Over time, dirt, scale and rust form in the heating system, which leads to breakdown of pumps with a wet rotor. For dry rotor pumps, which are used in Arderia boilers, this problem does not exist. In pumps with a dry rotor, there is no contact between the coolant and the rotating rotor of the electric motor, it is completely protected from jamming and clogging. It is also worth noting that the efficiency of dry rotor pumps is much higher.


All pumps for Arderia boilers are manufactured at a factory in South Korea, which is part of the well-known international Grundfos group.


7. The minimum working gas pressure is 4 mbar.

The boiler is fully adapted to work in difficult conditions of the CIS countries. Arderia boilers operate with a minimum gas pressure of only 4 mbar. This will protect the consumer from pressure drops in the gas pipelines and ensure uninterrupted operation of the boiler in the winter.

8.Convenient control.

A convenient and understandable remote control panel allows you not only to set the desired temperature of the coolant and hot water, but also has many other additional functions, such as a self-diagnosis function. That is, in the event of a malfunction, the corresponding error code is displayed on the display. This greatly simplifies troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

Arderia is economical, reliable and user friendly.

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