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Indesit Washer-Dryer Instructions For Use Manual
Indesit Washer-Dryer Instructions For Use Manual
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Indesit PWE 8168 W Instructions For Use Manual
Indesit PWE 8168 W Instructions For Use Manual
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Indesit SIXL 126 S Instructions
Indesit SIXL 126 S Instructions
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Indesit IWE 6125 Instructions
Indesit IWE 6125 Instructions
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INDESIT Washing Machine Error Codes

INDESIT Washing Machine Error Codes.pdf
INDESIT Washing Machine Error Codes.pdf
INDESIT Washing Machine Error Codes.pdf
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The Italian brand Indesit is well known. The brand produces various household appliances, including automatic washing machines. This brand belongs to the Italian company of the same name, Indesit Company, which has united several famous brands under its wing - Ariston, Stinol, Scholtes. The volume of products manufactured by the company is simply colossal - 14 million units of equipment per year, which is 15% of all household appliances manufactured in Europe.

Indesit washers are assembled at 14 factories. There is a popular myth among consumers that the quality of equipment, even of one model, depends on a particular plant. How true this is, it is necessary to understand in each individual case. But many buyers prefer not to delve into the details of production, but simply buy made in Europe.


The choice of models is grandiose, it seems that at Indesit everyone can find a car of their dreams.


Vertical - open the lid and put the laundry on top. You don't need to bend or squat.

Frontal - put the linen in the round side hatch. We'll have to sit down to load the laundry. Plus - through the "porthole" you can see how the linen is spinning inside.

Tank capacity.

 3.5 to 9 kg.


Standard and with advanced functionality.

 New technologies.

Indesit is constantly being improved, equipped with new features: Energy Saver - to save energy. "Save Energy" reduces resource consumption by 70%. Thanks to the special drum speed, the laundry can be washed efficiently at only + 30 ° C.

Water Balance - to save water. "Water balance" is a program that monitors the process. There is as much water in the tank as needed, and not a drop more.


Pros and cons


Lots of features.

Quiet operation

Low vibration.

Large price range.


  Reliability and quality wash.


Bad: Most often bearings fail. The moving part wears out faster than others.

  Indesit is one of the brands that produce one-piece (non-collapsible) tanks. 

What else can break down - heating element, heating switch, motor capacitor.

Indesit IWUB 4085 - light duty

The front version with a removable lid for embedding and a loading capacity of 4 kg will be an excellent helper for a small family. It has everything you need - various types of protection, a large selection of programs and a small consumption of resources. Parameters: loading - 4 kg; spin speed - up to 800 rpm; number of programs - 13 pcs., including Delicate, Fast, Preliminary; noise - 59/76 dB; energy efficiency class - A; washing / spinning class: A / D; dimensions (WxDxH) - 60 × 33x85 cm; water consumption per cycle - 39 l; protection: against leaks (partial), foam and imbalance; additionally - delayed start up to 12 hours, choice of washing temperature, hatch 30 cm.