Master Gas Seoul Boiler Manuals PDF Free Download

Master GAS SEOUL is a joint product of the South Korean company DAESUNG CELTIC ENERSYS Co., Ltd. Master GAS SEOUL is a wall-mounted double-circuit turbocharged boiler (with a closed combustion chamber), an expansion tank, a pump and a remote wired control panel, which can also act as a room thermostat.


Features of the boiler Master GAS SEOUL

- boiler manufacturer - DAESUNG company in South Korea, one of the largest in the gas equipment industry. The company has a very strict quality control, each employee is personally responsible for each released part of the boiler;

- the design of the MASTER GAS Seoul boiler is modern. The kit comes with a wired remote control for the boiler, which will help you adjust the operation of the boiler both by the temperature of the coolant and by the air temperature;

- a built-in self-diagnosis system with the output of the error code in the operation of the boiler on the display of the remote control;

- additionally, two control panels can be connected to the boiler (optional);

- the boiler is economical in terms of energy consumption of gas and electricity (only 120 W/h);

- the turbocharging system is located at the bottom of the combustion chamber, can change the rotation speed, supplying the optimal amount of air for combustion;

- two separate heat exchangers (copper primary and stainless steel plate secondary)

- powerful built-in pump (7.3 meters water lift, 23 liters per minute flow)

- built-in chip - voltage stabilizer protects the boiler electronics from power surges. Under favorable voltage conditions, there is no need to buy an additional stabilizer;


Particular attention in the manufacture of Master GAS SEOUL boilers is given to safety. The boiler will automatically stop supplying gas when:

- extinction of the burner flame;

- heat carrier heating above 90°C;

- violation of the process of smoke removal of exhaust gases;

- interruption of power supply to the boiler;

- pressure drop of the heating system below the maximum allowable values.


Technical characteristics of the boiler.

Speaker model Master GAS SEOUL 11 (MG Seoul)

Type - wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler with built-in pump, expansion tank and automation

Combustion chamber - closed - turbocharged + pipe included

Number of heat exchangers - 2

Rated heat output 11 kW

Working pressure of DHW water 0.02-0.6 MPa

Maximum gas consumption 1.99 m3/hour, minimum 0.62 m3/hour

Efficiency 92.5%

Hot water consumption at Δt=25°C – 11.5 liters per minute

Built-in expansion tank 4 liters

Power supply voltage 220V, 50Hz

Maximum power consumption 120 W

Boiler connection:

- inlet and outlet of the heating circuit G 3/4 inch

- DHW inlet and outlet G 1/2 inch

- gas inlet G 1/2 inch

Coaxial chimney diameter 100/60 mm (included)

Overall dimensions HxWxD - 645x400x200 mm

Weight 22 kg (packaged 24.5 kg)