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ATLANT 50Y88 Operation Manual
ATLANT 50Y88 Operation Manual
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Atlanat Washing Machine

The Minsk plant, originally specializing in refrigerators, has evolved over its relatively short 60-year history to become a powerhouse in the production of various household appliances, with a notable emphasis on washing machines. Throughout its existence, the company has consistently delivered home appliances characterized by unwavering quality, practical design, and a diverse array of models.


At the heart of the success of Atlant washing machines is a commitment to a high level of production organization. The company's factories leverage cutting-edge technologies, including 3D product design and rapid modeling, to ensure the creation of top-notch appliances.


This dynamically evolving company remains at the forefront of technological advancements, offering customers products that are not only tested rigorously according to European quality standards but are also distributed widely. Beyond its primary markets in Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, and Hungary, Atlant's products find a strong foothold in Germany and France.


Once renowned primarily as a manufacturer of industrial equipment, Atlant has seamlessly transformed into a thriving production plant for household appliances, all available at an affordable price point.


Distinctive Advantages of Atlant Washing Machines:


Multilingual Display: The display text is presented in one of four languages. Backlighting is automated when selecting any program, with the display providing key information such as washing time, spin speed, and temperature mode.


Automatic Door Lock: Ensures the door remains sealed during the washing process, preventing potential damage. An additional level of protection engages when the hatch is open, preventing accidental equipment activation (child protection).


180° Door Opening: Enhances accessibility and ease of use.


Adjustable Legs: The adjustable leg height addresses minor unevenness in floors, ensuring stability.


Modified Drainage System: Features a dedicated compartment with a hose at the bottom of the washing machine to efficiently remove water accumulated after a series of wash cycles.


Durable Heating Element: The high-quality steel construction prevents scale deposition, ensuring proper functionality regardless of water hardness.


Variable Power Consumption: Adaptable to temperature fluctuations (from 175 to 255 W), promoting efficiency.


Energy Efficiency: Most washing machines boast an A rating, saving up to 70% of resources. The energy-saving technology aligns with environmentally friendly practices.


New Generation Drum: Optimally distributes laundry inside the washing machine, preventing spillage.


Memory Function: Retains user settings for added convenience.


Programmable Wash Time: Allows users to schedule wash cycles at their convenience.


Completion Signals: Emits signals upon completion of the washing process.


Introducing the ATLANT 40М102, a compact powerhouse designed to swiftly tackle both light and stubborn stains. With 15 diverse working programs, users can effectively remove dirt from various fabrics while preserving their shape and color. Key specifications include a maximum linen weight of 4 kg, a drum rotation speed during spinning of up to 1000 rpm, a delayed start timer for added flexibility, intelligent control, and compact dimensions measuring 60x33x85 cm. The ATLANT 40М102 stands as a testament to Atlant's commitment to delivering efficient and versatile washing solutions.