KOREASTAR Gas Boiler Service Manuals PDF

The Korea Star brand is known for its gas equipment for heating systems. Due to the large difference in temperature amplitude across the country, production has provided several models that differ in power, which allows you to purchase the right option in accordance with the severity of winter in each region. The Korea Star gas boiler reviews are only positive, as buyers are satisfied with the high quality and low price of the equipment.

Advantages of Korea Star boilers

The characteristic advantages of Korea Star are: the treatment of each element with inhibitors makes it possible to achieve maximum strength of the equipment. At the same time, there is no risk of melting of the coolant or clogging as a result of corrosion,

a low-noise pump pumps water in the system, which allows you to quickly spread the heat around the room. The boiler can be placed in the kitchen, and at the same time will not create unnecessary noise,

European production of parts ensures silent operation of the pump,

The presence of an effective safety system makes the operation of the equipment efficient and avoids dangerous situations. When the flame goes out, the gas supply to the burner is cut off, which helps to save fuel and prevents the danger of an explosion,

The operation of the special smoke extraction device is designed for the operation of the boiler. In the event of a malfunction of the system, the boiler is turned off, which helps to prevent the penetration of gas into the house,

the presence of special options facilitates the control and management system of the boiler. Frost protection prevents pressure changes in the system,

high-quality heat exchanger is made of copper, which allows to achieve high heat transfer. Such a device provides economical fuel consumption due to maximum heat retention,

reliable automation. The quality of its work and durability depend on the internal structure of the boiler, but the presence of electronics is also beneficial! The system of automatic commands allows you to reduce the risk of equipment breakdown or life-threatening situations, because when the burner goes out, the boiler turns off. The system maintains a constant temperature in the room due to climate control, the parameters of which you set yourself.

Popular models Korea Star Firm produces many models of boilers that differ in power, type of coolant, automation production and many other indicators. All Korean gas boilers have affordable prices and high quality, but when choosing, you should pay attention to the model matching the features of your home. For two-room apartments, it is worth buying more inexpensive and compact boilers for 12–16 kW. If you need to provide heat for a large quadrature, then you should think about 22–24 kW. Also, when purchasing this or that model, it is worth considering its features: the presence of a water heating system for domestic needs, reliable automation, small size.