Beko Air Conditioners Error Codes

Beko air conditioners feature an innovative self-diagnosis system designed to detect malfunctions and promptly report their causes by blocking operation and activating specific LED sequences. These sequences indicate the number of the detected malfunction.


Addressing Beko air conditioner errors can often be managed without the need for a service technician, provided one understands how to decrypt the information embedded by the manufacturer. It's crucial to note that the system prioritizes displaying Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).


The primary causes of breakdowns include improper or unprofessional installation, failure to adhere to operational requirements, neglect of scheduled maintenance, and normal wear of parts over extended usage.


Instances when the Beko air conditioner shuts off include:


Failure of secondary compressor activation within 3 minutes.

Compressor temperature exceeding 115 degrees, with normal operation not exceeding 100 degrees.

Mains voltage dropping below 175 or rising above 260 volts.

Inverter overheating due to excessive current or voltage.

Open wires anywhere in the system.

Abnormal fan operation, either too intense or too weak (normal range: 300 - 400 rpm).

Lack of messages about zero crossing for 4 minutes, triggering the self-diagnosis system to search for defects and display the corresponding error code on the unit's display.


Error codes for BEKO air conditioners in the BKC INV, BKL INV series:


E1: Internal temperature sensor error

E2: Evaporator sensor error

E3: Engine operation error

E5: Switching error between indoor and outdoor units

1E: External temperature sensor error

2E: Capacitor sensor error


Error codes for air conditioners in the AKH, AKP, AS, BKH, BKP, BS series:


F1 FF01: -

F3 FF03: High condensing temperature in cooling mode

F4 FF04: High condensation temperature in heating mode

F6 FF06: Incorrect operation of the indoor unit fan motor

F7 FF07: Internal air temperature sensor error

F8 FF08: Evaporator temperature sensor malfunction

F9 FF09: Condenser temperature sensor malfunction

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