Singlenova Washing Machine Manuals PDF Free Download

Model "Singlenova 1000" manufactured by the same enterprise EUDORA GmbH (Austria).

Main technical characteristics of the machine "Singlenova 1000"

Maximum load 3 kg

Drum rotation frequency during spinning  500   1000 rpm

Power consumption  220 W

Dimensions  46x45x67 cm


Protection class  B

Washing class  B

Spin class  D

The operation of the washing machine is controlled by an electronic board, the main element of which is a MOTOROLA controller. The program selector can be used to set four programs: P1 - main wash; P2 - gentle wash; Р3 - wool; P4 - spin. The washing program can be changed with four additional buttons. This makes it possible to set flexible washing programs depending on the type of laundry.

The tank and drum in the Singlenova 1000 are made of stainless steel, which significantly increases its service life. In addition, accidental entry of foreign objects will not damage the tank and drum. The Singlenova 1000 uses an original design, thanks to which the tank is suspended on two shock absorbers.

Machine body

Galvanized and spray-painted. The machine belongs to the category of built-in appliances and, accordingly, is installed on screw feet, with which you can compensate for uneven floors.

Detergent chamber

is intended for loading detergents and has three compartments, with one of the compartments for liquid rinse aid. In addition, excess pressure is released through the chamber.

Water supply.

Cold water is supplied to the machine through a solenoid valve with one inlet and four outlets.

The distribution of valve functions is as follows:

valve 1

- water is supplied to chamber No. 1 (soaking);

valve 2

- water is supplied to chamber No. 2 (main wash);

valve 3

- water is supplied to chamber No. 3 (rinsing);

valve 4

- water is supplied directly to the tank (dilution);

The valve has a strainer at the inlet that retains dirt particles.

Ecological valve

located in the drain hole and closes it during washing, due to which the detergent solution is distributed only in the working volume, which saves detergents (up to 30%). In addition, this valve prevents backflows from entering when the sewer is clogged.

Water level regulator

has three provisions:

• level 1 - washing is performed in modes P1 and P2;

• level 2 - increased, used for washing in the P2 mode and rinsing in the P1 and P2 modes;

• level 3 - main wash and rinse in P3 mode.

Emergency level sensor.

If for some reason the sensors of levels 1-3 do not work, then when the water reaches the emergency level, the emergency sensor is triggered and the pump automatically turns on.

water pump

located at the bottom of the machine. It is equipped with a trap - a device for capturing foreign objects. At the end of the wash, the user himself can get them out of the trap.


with a built-in temperature sensor, located in the lower part of the tank, heats water up to 95 ° С.

Electromagnetic lock

Securely fixes the hatch from accidental opening during washing.

Control board

It controls the entire washing process, monitors the state of the sensors, and, if necessary, stops the washing process and gives a message about the reason for the stop.

During the operation of the machine, the electronics constantly monitor its condition and if any malfunctions occur, an error number is displayed, namely:

• F1 - the door lock is faulty or the microswitch does not work. In this case, check if the door is closed well. If so, disassemble the car and check the condition of the lock;

• F2 - no drain. In most cases, the cause of the defect is a blockage of the pump impeller due to deposits of washing powder or a blockage in the sewage system;

• F3 - no bay. The water supply tap is closed;

• F4 - residual water level is higher than normal. The filling valve is leaking;

• F5 - temperature sensor is faulty;

• F6 - no water heating;

• F7 - water overflow;

• F8 - faulty engine or tachometer;

• F9 - motor thyristor is faulty;

• F11 - the door interlock circuit is faulty;

• FC - the pump circuit is faulty.