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Euronda Eurosafe 60 Instruction Manual
Euronda Eurosafe 60 Instruction Manual
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EuroNova stands out as a trailblazing endeavor in the realm of laundry systems within Russia. Despite its Russian origin, EuroNova washing machines rarely necessitate repairs, exemplifying durability and reliability. The brand secured its exclusive role as the importer of Eumenia equipment in Russia, originating from the Eudora plant. Notably, the design ingenuity behind EuroNova appliances traces back to Ferdinand Porsche's studio, where the iconic sports car blueprint was crafted. EuroNova appliances cater to urban dwellers in compact living spaces, offering washing machines that not only conserve space but also complement the apartment's interior aesthetics. The historical evolution of the brand involved operating under the Eumenia label until a pivotal agreement in 1998 facilitated the transformation to EuroNova. The rationale behind this alteration stemmed from the belief that the Austrian nomenclature proved challenging for Russian pronunciation. Aesthetically pleasing and operationally robust, EuroNova washing machines are renowned for their economic use of resources. The EuroNova 1150, characterized by freestanding installation and a frontal loading type, epitomizes these attributes. With a maximum linen load capacity of 3 kg and no drying feature, it caters specifically to the needs of those residing in compact living spaces. Electronic control, a white exterior, and dimensions measuring 46x46x69 cm further underscore its practicality. Weighing in at 50 kg, the EuroNova 1150 operates with energy consumption class A, washing efficiency class A, and extraction efficiency class C. It ensures economical water usage, utilizing 36 liters for washing, and achieves a spin speed of up to 1100 rpm, with the added flexibility of choosing spin speed preferences. Partial water leak protection, imbalance control, and foam level monitoring contribute to a secure and efficient washing experience. Featuring seven distinct programs, including specialized options for washing wool and delicate fabrics, express washing, and pre-wash, the EuroNova 1150 accommodates diverse laundry needs. Noteworthy additional functions encompass the ability to select washing temperatures, further enhancing the versatility of this cutting-edge washing machine. Emphasizing the fusion of form and function, EuroNova remains at the forefront of innovative laundry solutions, catering to the dynamic lifestyles of those in search of efficiency and style.