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DeDietrich INNOVENS MC 35E Instructions For Use Manual
DeDietrich INNOVENS MC 35E Instructions For Use Manual
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DeDietrich Range GT 120 Instructions For Use Manual
DeDietrich Range GT 120 Instructions For Use Manual
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De Dietrich is a French brand under which large household appliances are produced.

De Dietrich is considered one of the largest and oldest European manufacturers of several types of equipment: large household appliances, heating systems and equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


The company was founded by the heir to a wealthy family, Jean Dietrich, in 1684 in France, as a forge for the production of steel and iron products.


Throughout the 18th century, De Dietrich was the official supplier of nuclear cannons and cannonballs to them for the French royal court.


De Dietrich begins the industrial era with a large-scale production of iron and iron, transforming forges into metallurgical and machine shops. The field of activity of the company is expanding: it began to include the production of various mechanical structures and railways. Later, De Dietrich starts the production of cars under the license of Amadeus Bolle, the inventor of a car with a very powerful engine for those times.


In the 20th century, the company abandoned the production of cars and focused on the production of various equipment: railway, machine-building, for the chemical industry, for the kitchen, as well as heating systems for individual and central heating.


In 1910, De Dietrich produced the first wood and charcoal stove "Mertzwiller", which marked the beginning of the production of French brand household appliances. Since the second half of the 20th century, household appliances have become one of the main activities of the company.


Large appliance maker De Dietrich was formerly owned by the Spanish company Fagor, but after the latter's bankruptcy in 2013, today it is part of the Groupe Brandt group, which is controlled by the Algerian conglomerate Cevital.

Distinctive advantages of De Dietrich brand equipment:

The material for production is eutectic cast iron. Its properties allow the equipment not only to operate reliably (even with sudden temperature changes) and facilitate the maintenance of the heat exchanger, but also to increase the service life.

High efficiency, minimal heat loss and extended service life make De Dietrich products more cost effective.

Low noise level due to the use of protective covers.

Minimal emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and leakage of harmful flue gas, due to the well-thought-out design of the burner, and also has a high tightness, preventing.

Easy to maintain and clean, easy to manage and operate.

The range of products of the De Dietrich brand is huge:


traditional and condensing boilers (wall and floor);

high power boilers (cast iron and steel);

water heaters and buffer tanks;

heat pumps and solar installations;

control panels;

burners (gas / liquid fuel);

accessories and additional equipment.

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