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Buderus 600_11S_19S_24S_24C_MAR_10 Service Manual
Buderus 600_11S_19S_24S_24C_MAR_10 Service Manual
Buderus 600_11S_19S_24S_24C_MAR_10 Servi
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Buderus Range Service Manual
Buderus Range Service Manual
Buderus Range Service Manual.pdf
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Buderus Range Users Guide
Buderus Range Users Guide
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Buderus RTH Converter Connections Service Manual
Buderus RTH Converter Connections Service Manual
Buderus RTH Converter Connections Servic
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The history of Buderus dates back to 1731. It was a small plant for the production of cast iron and elements of stoves and fireplaces. At the end of the 19th century, the company relocated to cast-iron sectional boilers. Subsequently, the company expands its product range and spreads throughout Germany and Europe, opening many branches and new production facilities.

     In 2003, a new stage in the development of Buderus is the merger with Robert Bosch GmbH.

Gas wall-mounted boilers Buderus

  Wall-mounted gas boilers Buderus are presented in two series. These are Logamax U072 boilers made in Russia, and Logamax U052 / U054 Comfort class boilers.


 Gas wall-mounted boilers BUDERUS Logamax U054 are designed for connection to a natural draft chimney and have an open combustion chamber, while boilers of the Logamax U052 series are manufactured with a closed combustion chamber and are designed for connection to a coaxial or split chimney. They are able to heat rooms up to 300 square meters. m. The power modulation of these boilers is from 8 to 28 kW.


      Double-circuit boilers of this series contain the index "K" in their name and, thanks to the built-in secondary heat exchanger, have the function of preparing hot water.


    Wall-mounted gas boilers Buderus with a closed combustion chamber Logamax U052T and Logamax U054T with an open combustion chamber are made with a built-in boiler of 48 liters.


Gas floor standing boilers Buderus

Floor gas boiler BUDERUS G 124

      The gas floor boiler Buderus Logano is presented with a power of up to 375 kW. The quality of their workmanship is consistently high. For the production of floor standing boilers, Buderus uses special gray cast iron of the highest quality. The design of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber guarantees optimal gas flow with maximum heat transfer. Atmospheric burner with premix system ensures low noise operation.


   The control system is not included in the scope of delivery and is selected depending on the needs of the heating system. To select the BUDERUS LOGAMATIC control system, it is necessary to determine how many circuits need to be controlled by the boiler controller, whether underfloor heating is used in the heating system (mixing circuit control is required), whether the heating curve will be built according to the outdoor temperature, or according to the room temperature, whether it is necessary management of an indirect heating boiler.


      Depending on the power and hot water needs, Buderus floor-standing gas boilers are combined with various indirect heating boilers from the Logalux range. To save space in the boiler room, Buderus Logano gas boilers from 20 to 32 kW can be installed directly on the Logalux L boiler, or mounted next to the Logalux SU series boilers.

Reconfiguration of boilers for liquefied gas is possible.


Buderus control systems

      BUDERUS Logamatic control systems, in addition to their main function - control of the boiler burner, adapt the boiler installation to a specific heating system. They, depending on the configuration and needs, control the pumps of the heating circuits, the servomotors of the mixing groups, maintain the set heating curve, the temperature of the water in the indirect heating boiler. Control inputs can be boiler water temperature, room temperature, outdoor temperature. They can communicate with various interfaces (computer, phone, etc.), support work with different types of burners, control two or more boilers in a cascade.


Buderus gas condensing boilers

Gas wall-mounted condensing boiler BUDERUS LOGAMAX PLUS GB 172

      Gas condensing boilers are characterized by unsurpassed economy and high efficiency. A similar effect is achieved by using the energy of the condensation of vapors contained in the exhaust gases. We can say that condensing boilers use the energy of the burned fuel without residue.

       Buderus offers two lines of condensing boilers. The first is Logamax plus - wall-mounted condensing boilers with a power of 5-100 kW. The model range of this line consists of boilers Logamax plus GB072, Logamax plus GB 172I and Logamax plus GB112. The second family of condensing boilers are high-performance floor-standing units of the series

Logano Plus. Within this series, two types of boilers are produced: Logano plus GB312 and Logano plus GB402. The power of such boilers is from 90 to 620 kW.

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