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Biasi RIVA COMPACT HE M96.24SM/C2 User Manual
Biasi RIVA COMPACT HE M96.24SM/C2 User Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.1 MB
Biasi GARDA PLUS HE M110B.24SM/E User Manual
Biasi GARDA PLUS HE M110B.24SM/E User Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB

Biasi RIVA PLUS HE 24C ERP Service Manual
Biasi RIVA PLUS HE 24C ERP Service Manual
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Biasi M96.24SM/B2 Service Manual
Biasi M96.24SM/B2 Service Manual
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BIASI is an Italian company founded in 1938. It produces industrial and domestic heating boilers, successfully developing and mastering new engineering technologies. Today, BIASI, a large company, has seven factories in Italy and manufactures a wide variety of modern equipment for heating systems.


The manufacture of heating boilers is the oldest and most significant activity of the company. TM BIASI products are manufactured at 4 factories:

The plant in Verona has been producing steam generators and boilers from steel since 1938.

The foundry in Verona melts cast iron sections and assembles cast iron heat exchangers.

The Verona Cast Iron Boiler Factory assembles and tests cast iron boilers and thermoblocks. Thanks to advanced technologies and the most modern equipment, the company is able to produce a wide range of heating boilers, designed to satisfy the appetite of every customer.

The plant in Pordenone manufactures wall-mounted boilers using the most advanced technologies, the highest level of production automation and advanced quality control systems, which makes BIASI wall-mounted boilers popular all over the world.

Gas boiler BIASI Nova Parva 24 A

Combustion chamber with natural exhaust of combustion products. Electronic ignition. Smooth power adjustment. Microprocessor control. The internal piping, in addition to the hydraulic group, pump, expansion tank and safety group, for the convenience and safety of the user, includes a filling valve and a heating system drain valve. System for ensuring the safety of the user and protection of the elements of the boiler. Self-diagnosis system. Patented heating circuit heat exchanger for more efficient heat conversion. Stainless steel DHW heat exchanger with return flow system. Scale protection system. Protected control panel.


Mode switch (summer, winter, stand-by).

Heating circuit temperature controller.

DHW temperature controller.


Indicators of operating modes of the boiler and diagnostics.


From the formation of scale (by controlling the temperature of the DHW water in the primary heat exchanger circuit).

From blocking the pump.

From system freezing.

From lack of water in the heating circuit.

From overheating of the primary heat exchanger.

From inefficient removal of combustion products.

From the extinction of the burner flame. Gas boiler BIASI Nova Parva 24 A

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