White-Westinghouse Washing Machine Manuals PDF Free Download

White-Westinghouse WM50T-1
White-Westinghouse WM50T-1
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White-Westinghouse WM40T Manuel D'utilisation
White-Westinghouse WM40T Manuel D'utilisation
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White-Westinghouse WTF330HS0
White-Westinghouse WTF330HS0
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White-Westinghouse WM106
White-Westinghouse WM106
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White-Westinghouse WM639
White-Westinghouse WM639
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White-Westinghouse WTF330HS1
White-Westinghouse WTF330HS1
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The American company White-Westinghouse offers the optimal solution for high-quality washing of large volumes of laundry for domestic and commercial purposes. With small dimensions, reasonable price, ease of installation and operation, White-Westinghouse household machines allow you to:

• load more than 2 times more laundry (up to 12 kg) than a standard European machine

• significantly reduce the washing time (cycle - about 35 minutes)

• reduce the drying time for 10 kg laundry to 50-60 minutes.

Some White-Westinghouse washing machines are top-loading activator type machines that require connection to a hot and cold water line. The machine does not heat the washing water itself, but uses it from the mains, which reduces the washing time and saves energy. In activator machines, washing is carried out not by shifting the laundry in soapy water, as in European washing machines, but by creating multidirectional water flows with the blades of the activator in a large tank, which ensures effective washing of laundry and gives it freshness. With this type of washing, the laundry does not tangle and almost does not wear out at all. The top location of the loading hatch allows you to adjust the washing process on the go. The enlarged loading door makes it much easier to load and unload large, bulky items such as bedspreads and blankets. The specially designed drying system prevents the laundry from creasing and makes it easier to unload.


Most front loading models are microprocessor controlled and have an electronic display.

 White-Westinghouse washing machines and dryers are designed for use in a country house, in beauty salons, fitness centers, children's and medical institutions. This is the best choice for creating a mini-laundry.

Specifications WW WLF125EZ HS

• Voltage (V): 220-240

• Frequency (Hz): 50

• Energy class: A+

• Washing efficiency: A+

• Washing modes / Programs: 7

• Drum rotation speed (rpm): 1100

Model advantages:

• RoHS Compliant

• Digital display / Remaining timer

• Power on indicator light

• Internal tank lighting

• Electronic control

• Electronic prewash system (each load of laundry is automatically adjusted for maximum cleaning, rinsing and spinning, for brighter colors and whites)

• Extra large load

• Polypropylene washing tank (does not collapse or rust, weighs 50% less than traditional enameled ones)

• Stainless steel drum

• Glass manhole cover with secure lock

• Liquid bleach dispenser

• Fabric softener dispenser

• Liquid detergent dispenser

• Start delay

• Loud signal mode

• Variable rotation speed

• Missing rotation functions

• It is enough to set the type of laundry and the machine will automatically select the optimal washing parameters

• Self cleaning

• Reinforced sound insulation

• Functional linen stand CFPWD15W (optional)

• Connection to the main hot water, or self-heating of water.