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Krups Coffee Machine Manual
Krups Coffee Machine Manual
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Krups Coffee Machine Manual 1
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Krups Coffee Machine Manual 2
Krups Coffee Machine Manual 2
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Krups KM750850 Manual
Krups KM750850 Manual
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Making Turkish coffee is a whole ritual that requires time, attention and dedication, and no instruction can regulate this creative process. Whether it's a Krups coffee machine. With it, bypassing cooking, all that remains is to enjoy the most fragrant, delicious drink. Well, for connoisseurs of espresso (which cannot be prepared in a Turk), such a coffee maker will become just a godsend and a lifesaver. Moreover, even inveterate lovers of preparing a vigor drink by hand cannot but admit that in the morning, in a hurry and in preparation, it turns out “so-so”. And if a Krups Nespresso or Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine “settles” in the kitchen, then without any extra effort at any time you can pamper yourself, your family and guests with wonderful, clearly dosed in accordance with the standards of latte, cappuccino, lungo and other drinks that the instructions provide .

A bit of Krups history

The Krups company was born in 1846 in Germany and began with the production of spring scales, which Robert Krups made in his uncle's forge. Quite quickly, the brand gained credibility in its field. And in 1920 it became the largest scale manufacturer in Germany. In 1956, the production of coffee grinders begins. And then - mixers, electric coffee makers, slicers ... 91st was marked by the release of the Krups capsule system together with Nestle. And in 2010, with the same cooperation, the technology of Dolce Gusto drinks was developed. Krups is constantly expanding and improving, introducing new innovative technologies and anticipating the wishes of its customers, thanks to which the brand is now a leader in the small appliances and coffee machines industry.

The latest Krups produces the following types:


pump action;


Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Automatic and pump

Krups automatic coffee machines are similar to professional ones and have the following features:

high power (1450 W), which reduces the coffee preparation time to seconds;

the optimum value of water / steam pressure is 15 bar;

Thermoblock heating system, which raises the temperature of the water without contact with it up to 920 C in 40 seconds. This significantly reduces the possibility of scale formation. Such a system is present in espresso coffee makers, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Nespresso;

the presence of a coffee grinder, which allows you to save the richness of shades and tastes of coffee;

convenient display for setting the necessary parameters;

automatic cleaning system that requires minimal user intervention, as described in the instructions. For example, in the EA8010PE coffee machine, when cleaning is required, the clean indicator lights up (after approximately 300 cycles), and then you only need to fill the tank with water, empty the coffee containers and press the button. Then the machine will handle itself;

the presence of a foaming agent for cappuccino and latte;

the possibility of attaching an autocappuccino maker, which greatly facilitates the process of preparing latte and cappuccino in such espresso coffee makers as Espresseria EA8010PE, Roma Black/White, etc.;

cup warmer function

other features, as described in the instructions.

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