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Cooper & Hunter CH-S09FTXTB2S-W Service Manual
Cooper & Hunter CH-S09FTXTB2S-W Service Manual
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Cooper & Hunter FGR20/C-M Service Manual
Cooper & Hunter FGR20/C-M Service Manual
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Cooper & Hunter CH-PT09HPGF Service Manual
Cooper & Hunter CH-PT09HPGF Service Manual
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Cooper & Hunter CH-PT09HPGF Service Manual
Cooper & Hunter CH-PT09HPGF Service Manual
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С&H trademark (Сooper&Hunter) is owned by Сooper&Hunter International Corporation (USA)

The company was formed on the basis of two companies: C.S. Cooper Company and Hunter Manufacturing Company. Invention by C.S. Cooper's first commercially successful liquid-filled radiator launched a cycle of engineering innovation in air refrigeration and heating. As a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), founded in the United States in 1892, the Hunter Manufacturing Company was one of the first manufacturers of air conditioners with direct expansion and remote air-cooled condenser in the 1930s, following General Electric. In the 1950s, the company developed and successfully marketed water and glycol coolers for commercial and industrial air conditioners. In the 1960s, an innovative technology was mastered - rotary screw compressors, which were very reliable and efficient.

  In 2003, the Cooper & Hunter International Corporation was reorganized, which is designed to consolidate its leadership position in the production of microclimate systems. It was decided to transfer production outside the United States, expand the range of equipment offered under the C&H trademark and enter new markets. Implementing a new marketing strategy, the company opened representative offices in the countries of North and South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

The principles of the company's work are unchanged: C&H products are innovative developments, quality, reliability, convenience, and as a result - popularity among consumers and commercial attractiveness for distributors.


Many years of improving technology and studying the needs of consumers have led to the fact that today the company produces a wide range of products:

- all types of air conditioners (window, wall, mobile, ceiling, cassette, channel, column, multi-split systems, multi-zone systems and high-tech equipment designed for air conditioning of multi-storey buildings);

- water coolers (floor, desktop, with carbonation and built-in filtration system);

- heaters (convectors, fan heaters, infrared and oil heaters);

- air humidifiers (ultrasonic and traditional);

- air purifiers (HEPA, ULPA, UV);

- water purification systems.


Impeccable product quality is one of the most important priorities for Cooper&Hunter. The company has developed unique quality programs: "Perfect Product Strategy" and "Global Quality Control", the application of which has made it possible to achieve the highest quality indicators in the production of air conditioners.

C&H equipment is becoming increasingly popular with consumers due to its high level of reliability, unique technical characteristics, functional design and a wide range of products offered.


The production base of Cooper&Hunter is characterized by the highest level of culture and production standards:

- the plant for the production of air conditioners is among the top ten leading world manufacturers;

- the unique Cooper&Hunter program “Perfect Product Strategy” has been introduced and is being successfully implemented at the production site. For a high level of quality, the plant is included in the FAB-50 Forbes rating (outstanding companies in the Asia-Pacific region);

- technological solutions of the research center receive the status of "WorldAdvancedLevel" and "World TOP Level" of the Association of professional experts in the field of climate technology. There are 300 laboratories. Received 3000 patents;

- С&H products have an environmental certificate OHSAS18000 - a guarantee of environmental cleanliness and safety;

- total production capacity - 27 million units of climatic equipment: 20 categories, 400 series, 7 thousand models;

- Cooper&Hunter products are ISO 9001, ISO 14000, CE, UL certified.

C&H air conditioners are manufactured at the plant in Zhuhai (40 km from Hong Kong), a joint production and research and development site of GREE Electric Appliances, Inc. and Daikin Industries Ltd.