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Celtic FF Installation And Servicing Instrucnions
Celtic FF Installation And Servicing Instrucnions
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CELTIC 2.24 RSC Installation And Servicing Instructions
CELTIC 2.24 RSC Installation And Servicing Instructions
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The South Korean company Daesung Celtic has been manufacturing gas heating equipment for a long time. Now one of the most popular series of this company are gas wall-mounted double-circuit boilers Celtic ESR.

At the moment, Daesung Celtic products have gained immense popularity. And all thanks to the fact that in today's market, these boilers are one of the best offers, which combines excellent value for money.


This gas equipment is really reliable and many people have experienced its durability and trouble-free operation.


Key Features

As mentioned at the very beginning, the ESR series is a wall-mounted double-circuit gas boilers. They are designed to work both in apartments and in private homes. One of the main advantages is a two-circuit design, which not only provides heat for the entire house, but also simultaneously functions as a domestic water heater.


In fact, this is a small “mini-boiler room” that is able to provide you with all the heat you need. In addition, the use of such boilers not only saves you money due to the autonomy of the home, but also saves a lot of space in the house, compared to other types of heating equipment. After all, the wall construction and small size will allow you to place the gas water heater very harmoniously, it will take up no more space than a small wall-mounted kitchen cabinet, which is a definite plus in an apartment.

Boilers of this series are quite simple to install and do not require much labor. Further operation will be very simple and the work setting takes place in just a couple of clicks on the control panel, and then you can safely trust the automation, which will stably maintain the selected temperature and operating mode.



The first thing worth mentioning and that worries many buyers so much when choosing gas boilers is safety. Indeed, an important issue that should always be considered. The manufacturer of this equipment responsibly approached this issue and installed 17 protective devices in Celtic ESR at once. Together, these elements represent a powerful self-control system that monitors such parameters as the state of the flame, exhaust gases, coolant circulation, etc. in real time. immediately informed to you. In addition, the operating parameters are constantly monitored by 15 different functions, which ensures very stable and reliable operation.

An equally important characteristic is power or performance, because you need to be sure that Celtic can guarantee all your needs and heat a dwelling of a given area. Boilers of the ESR series, depending on the model, can heat a room from 130 to 350 m². This is fully sufficient for apartments and most even large private houses. This factor, combined with compact size, makes these models one of the best.

Celtic ESR are equipped with a special microcomputer that constantly performs metered adjustment of the gas supply. This ensures a uniform flow, which is sufficient to maintain the required temperature. The boiler consumes exactly as much as necessary to comply with the specified parameters, while saving blue fuel.

It is worth mentioning a couple of nice features that not all Daesung competitors have:

- quiet operation, noise does not exceed 37 dB;

– remote control that can be placed anywhere;

- pre-heating of water, you do not have to drain the water for a long time in the morning while waiting for the hot water to go;

– a DC blower fan, which lasts much longer than an AC fan and provides a wide range of air supply adjustment, depending on the gas pressure;

– many convenient automatic modes of operation.

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