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Baxi RZNK50 Installation And Support Manual
Baxi RZNK50 Installation And Support Manual
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Baxi Fault codes Avanta Range
Baxi Fault codes Avanta Range
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Baxi Fault codes Error 168
Baxi Fault codes Error 168
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Baxi EcoBlue
Baxi EcoBlue
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The history of the company that we know today as Baxi S.p.A. began in 1925 in a small town in northern Italy. True, the factory opened there was initially only engaged in the production of enamelware. Heating and hot water equipment began to be produced on it only in 1978, when the company changed owners and became part of the Zanussi production group.


Since 1984, Ocean Idroclima (as Baxi was known at the time) has been part of the El. fi. and begins to promote its products to the world market.

The current name is Baxi S.p.A. - the company received only in 1999. Then it became part of the Baxi Group, and in 2009 - part of the international holding BDR Thermea Group, where it became a center for the production of gas boilers.

Baksi boilers - features of the model range

The product range of TM Baxi is represented by gas boilers of all types:

wall and floor;

atmospheric and turbocharged;

one- and two-circuit;

flow and with built-in boiler;


Each gas boiler is adapted to domestic conditions. That is, it functions normally at a gas pressure reduced to 5 mbar. Thanks to automatic power modulation, it adapts to the heating system of any configuration and power.

In addition, all models can run on both natural gas and liquefied gas. But for this they need to be reconfigured accordingly.


The standard equipment of most Baxi boilers includes:

built-in circulation pump Grundfos (Denmark) or Wilo (Germany) with automatic air vent;

copper heating heat exchanger - durable, resistant to corrosion, chlorine and other aggressive substances;

DHW heat exchanger made of high-quality stainless steel (for double-circuit models);

protection mechanisms against overheating, freezing, work with a lack of water;

self-diagnosis system that automatically detects malfunctions in the system.

Now let's take a closer look at the main lines of modern Baxi gas boilers.

Wall mounted gas boilers Baxi

Baxi Eco 4S (10 - 24 kW) - inexpensive, compact one- and two-circuit units. Are completed with the three-way valve, the climatic regulator, the LCD display. Can work in the low-temperature mode (with system of heat-insulated floors). Equipped with a thrust sensor, a hydraulic group made of corrosion-resistant composite materials.


Baxi Eco Four (14 - 24 kW) - single-circuit and double-circuit models with smooth ignition and a brass hydraulic block. They provide for ionization flame control, a draft sensor, weather-dependent automation. Compatible with underfloor heating. Solar collectors and an external water heater can be connected to them. Double-circuit boilers also have a turbine flow sensor.


Baxi Eco Four Tech is a budget analogue of the Eco Four boiler. It differs in that the hydraulic part in it is made of plastic, and not of expensive copper.


Baxi Luna 3 (24 - 31 kW) - a double-circuit boiler of the middle price range with features inherent in more expensive models. It is equipped with weather-dependent automation, a filter for cold water purification, a DHW turbine flow meter. Compatible with underfloor heating systems.


Baxi Luna 3 Comfort (24 - 31 kW) is a premium boiler with a removable control panel and a room temperature sensor built into it.


Baxi Nuvola 3 Comfort (24 - 32 kW) - a double-circuit boiler with a remote control panel and a 60-liter storage water heater. It is completed with a DHW expansion tank, magnesium anode, weather-dependent automatics. A mechanical cleaning filter is installed on the return of water from the heating system. A smooth electronic ignition, a flame ionization sensor and a draft sensor are provided. Compatible with underfloor heating.


Floor standing gas boilers Baxi

Baxi Slim (15 - 62 kW) - floor model with a cast-iron heat exchanger, soft ignition mechanism, ionization flame control. The line includes single-circuit and double-circuit boilers (Slim 1 and Slim 2, respectively). Double-circuit are equipped with a built-in storage tank for 50 - 60 liters.

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