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Smeg Washer Dryer STA161S
Smeg Washer Dryer STA161S
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Smeg Washer Dryer WDF16BAX
Smeg Washer Dryer WDF16BAX
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Smeg Integrated Washer WDI16BA
Smeg Integrated Washer WDI16BA
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Smeg Integrated Washer WDI16BA
Smeg Integrated Washer WDI16BA
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The history of the Smeg brand dates back to 1948, the day Vittorio Bertazzoni opened a small firm in the small town of Guastalla in northern Italy, where the company's headquarters are still located. The name Smeg is an abbreviation that stands for "Smalteria Metallurgica Emiliana Guastalla". The Bertazzoni family specialized in blacksmithing for many years, but later changed their direction to metallurgy.


A major step forward in the development of the Smeg brand was the release in 1956 of the then innovative gas stoves "Elizabeth" with the function of automatic electric ignition, safety valve and timer. Due to the resounding success in the market, in the early 60's the company's activities expanded - began production of dishwashers and washing machines. The seventies marked the beginning of the production of hobs and ovens for built-in installation. Every year the company grows and improves, successfully expands its product range and improves performance in accordance with technical progress, attracting world-renowned designers and architects. Already in the 90s, Smeg became a real style icon and a source of inspiration for its competitors. The reason for such dizzying success was the release of exclusive sinks, exhaust systems and colored refrigerators in the vintage style of the fifties.


Having established itself reliably on the world market, Smeg has also launched its activities in the professional sphere, producing specialized equipment for restaurant and hotel catering, as well as equipment for the medical field.

Currently, the Smeg brand is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen equipment in the world. The main production is concentrated in three large plants located in northern Italy. The company has offices around the world - in France, USA, Portugal, Russia, UAE and other parts of the world.



The uniqueness of Smeg products and their exceptional recognition on the world stage are based on an individual approach to design, a constant pursuit of aesthetic perfection and attention to the smallest details.


Automatic balancing

Acoustic cycle end signal

Polypropylene tank

Stainless steel drum

Possibility of connection to hot water energy savings up to 35%

Annual water consumption is 10,340 l / year

Annual energy consumption 193 kWh / year

The diameter of the loading hatch is 30 cm

Display programming of inclusion delay, display of time before the end of a cycle and the recommended loading, indication of the program course

Additional options delay, pre-wash, intensive wash, easy ironing, extra rinse

Loading 7 kg

Overflow protection

Start / pause buttons, child lock, start delay timer, option selection and confirmation, spin speed, temperature selection

SelfClean detergent container

Easy access to filters

Voltage 220-240 W.

Rated power 2 kW

Normal cotton cycle 60 ° C at full load

FlexiTime option

Full Asquastop

Power consumption 1.03 kW / cycle

Programs 15

The duration of the regulatory cycle is 150 minutes.

Adjustable spin speed without spin - 600 - 800 - 1000 - 1200 - 1400 rpm

The adjustable temperature is cold - 30 ° - 40 ° - 60 ° - 75 ° - 90 ° C

Foam suppression system

Special programs: mixed underwear, jeans, business / shirts, softening, night cycle, quick wash 15 min.

Loading type Front

Door opening angle: 180 °

Electronic control

Noise level at extraction of 220-240 W.

Noise level at washing of 59 dB (A)

Current frequency 50 Hz


Width 60 cm