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Speed Queen AWM472W2
Speed Queen AWM472W2
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Speed Queen FES17
Speed Queen FES17
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Speed Queen frontload washer User Manual
Speed Queen frontload washer User Manual
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Speed Queen Top loading Washer Owner's Manual
Speed Queen Top loading Washer Owner's Manual
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Speed Queen 20 lb Brochure & Specs
Speed Queen 20 lb Brochure & Specs
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Speed Queen Washer/Dryer User Manual
Speed Queen Washer/Dryer User Manual
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Speed Queen is an American laundry equipment company, which is manufactured at the factories of the Alliance group. This condition allows us to claim the highest quality and world-class technology. They are very popular among small and medium-sized businesses as suppliers of equipment for self-service laundries.

Commercial washing machines of this brand are assembled from reliable components, and therefore, when servicing, they require original spare parts for Speed Queen.


Speed Queen SYC135DN0H1U1AC0AA


The Speed Queen SY135 sprung washing machine is an alternative washing machine for specialized applications, for example on the second floors, where fixed attachment is not acceptable. The heavy-duty suspension dampens vibration, eliminating the need for special base plates, and the stainless steel construction prevents corrosion under normal operating conditions.

High spin speeds significantly reduce drying times and utility costs, which together ensure an efficient flow of customers through your establishment.

QED Select Control

60 programs. Incredibly flexible and easy to use, advanced computer control meets a variety of specialized needs.

Available in over 20 languages, QED controls are very flexible and intuitive for users. Customers can easily track the status of each stage of the wash cycle.


• Extra high spin. The high spin speed with 400 G acceleration reduces drying time by up to 40% and also provides significant savings in utility costs.

• Possibility of programming from a laptop. Manually programming a new or refurbished establishment can be very time consuming and error prone. Using a laptop with QED Assist software installed makes it easy to create and download presets and rates.

• Variable speed drive. Thanks to an advanced inverter drive system, these versatile machines deliver exceptional spin speeds that are tailored to specific laundry types so that the optimal amount of water is used.

• Automatic injection system. The automatic additive injection system reduces the consumption of detergents and ensures more uniform wash results.

• Extra strong suspension. Heavy-duty springs and seals dampen vibrations and stabilize machines.

• Stainless steel components. The front, top and side panels, as well as the inner and outer stainless steel drum ensure a durable design that can meet all your laundry needs.

• All steel construction and industrial design. Powerful hatch locking mechanisms and wide hinges provide strength and reliability. Reinforced side panels are integrated for added strength and durability.


Drum diameter 620 mm, drum depth 450 mm

Drum volume 135 l

Loading door diameter 410 mm

Sprung structure

QED Select Control (60 programs, 21 languages, USB port)

Warranty period, months 12

Country of origin USA

ManufacturerSpeed Queen


Heating Electric heating

Loading, kg14

Case materialStainless steel

Drum volume, l135

Spin, rpm 1075

G - factor400

Power, kW 1.5

Voltage, V380

Weight without packaging, kg255

Height, cm122.5

Width, cm 79.5

Depth, cm 94.5