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WOLF CGB-K-11-20-24_Montage-und_Wartungsanleitung
WOLF CGB-K-11-20-24_Montage-und_Wartungsanleitung
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WOLF CGB- 75_100_Installation_instructions_and_technical_guide
WOLF CGB-75_100_Installation_instructions_and_technical_guide
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WOLF installation_and_maintenance_instructions_for_contractors
WOLF installation_and_maintenance_instructions_for_contractors
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Wolf GmbH is a German company whose history dates back to 1963. It is the first to be awarded ISO 9001 certification in its segment. The main direction of the organization is the production of climatic equipment, including hot water boilers. Wall-mounted units first saw the light under the brand in 1994, and in 2005 high-performance Wolf condensing gas boilers became available to customers.


The range of the company

The German company produces boilers from gas of different capacities. Low-power units are purchased for heating houses and apartments, medium- and high-power devices are purchased for heating premises for production.


condensing mounted units - FGB and CGB-2 lines;

standard mounted, which differ in the design of fireboxes - atmospheric and turbocharged. Comfort Line - CGU-2, CGG-2;

floor gas boilers Wolf of the Function Line - FNG and NG-31E.

Buyers also have access to universal modifications CGG-1K, condensing floor lines CGS (floor) and CGW, CGB and CGB-K (mounted). A distinctive feature of the Function Line and Comfort series is the design solution and built-in additional functions.


Popular model - Wolf CGG 1k 24

The model of the German gas boiler Wolf CGG 1k 24 is most in demand on the territory. It is characterized by the following technical parameters and design features:

this boiler is quite reliable and has a high efficiency, this is due to the thoughtful configuration, as well as the high quality of the materials used;

the design of the unit is convenient, the installation does not cause difficulties, access to the working units is always open;

space near the side walls is not needed, because the insulation does not allow heat exchange with the space;

built-in computer diagnostics that determines all the problems that arise;

elementary control, which occurs due to the block-computer and special software;

a flare burner that controls the intensity and stability of the flame. Electric ignition contributes to the careful consumption of fuel;

the boiler can operate on various types of gas fuel;

characterized by a closed combustion chamber, the air for burning gas comes from outside the room;

a powerful circulation pump allows fluid to move freely through the system;

the heat exchanger has a lamellar structure, due to this heat loss is reduced to a minimum;

the programmer allows you to configure the operation of boiler equipment for the day ahead;

the power is 24 kW, which is enough to heat the area of many apartments and houses, which is about 70% of all housing;

the heating circuit and the domestic hot water circuit operate independently of each other. The liquid heats up in a minimum amount of time due to the quick start system;

All combustion products are discharged into the atmosphere using a turbocharged chimney.

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