LIEBHERR Refrigerator Service Manuals in PDF

Liebherr Freezer GN 19 23 27 30 Service Manual
Liebherr Freezer GN 19 23 27 30 Service Manual
Libherr Freezer GN 19 23 27 30 Service M
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Liebherr Refrigerator CS 1400 1611 1660 Service Manual
Liebherr Refrigerator CS 1400 1611 1660 Service Manual
Liebherr Refrigerator CS 1400 1611 1660
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Liebherr Refrigerator CS 1640 Use and Care Manual
Liebherr Refrigerator CS 1640 Use and Care Manual
Liebherr Refrigerator CS 1640 Use and Ca
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The German company Liebherr was founded in 1949 by the brilliant engineer and manager Hans Liebherr, who laid the foundations of a corporate culture and ideology that proved to be viable.


All key competencies are developed within the company, the main components and finished products are produced only in our own factories, the R&D division is part of Liebherr, and all inventions are protected by patents.

These principles, followed by the third generation of engineers and managers of the Liebherr family, have turned the factory into a huge production group that has never lost its brand rights, its reputation as an ultra-reliable manufacturer, or corporate standards.

The history of the formation and development of Liebherr is studied as a case study in all higher economic and management educational institutions in the world. The company, which began in post-war Germany with the production of construction equipment, later significantly expanded the line of technological equipment, including the creation of the most successful business in Europe for the production of refrigerators and freezers.

Liebherr's biggest inventions: 1971 - the world's first electronically controlled refrigerator; 1987 - NoFrost technology is first used in a domestic refrigerator; 1996 - BioFresh technology completely changed the organization of food storage; 2006 - a new world standard for wine cabinets with three temperature zones.


Liebherr factories

The main business of the company lies in the segments of heavy and transport engineering, civil aviation, industrial electronics. However, worldwide Liebherr is known as a manufacturer of quality refrigeration technology. The company owns 3 factories in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria, which produce 1,500,000 refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets of various configurations per year.

The German factory was launched in 1954 in Ochsenhausen and still provides half of the total production. The Austrian factory, launched in 1980 in Linz, produces up to 600,000 refrigerators a year. The plant in Bulgaria, also oriented to the Russian market, was built in Maritsa in 2000 and is the most high-tech.


Liebherr range

The German manufacturer offers the widest range of its own refrigeration and freezing units:

free-standing and built-in refrigerators and freezers;

the famous modular Side-by-Side refrigerators, which can have any configuration from refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets;

wine refrigerators;

trade, exhibition and industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment.

Liebherr production principles

Initially, the most important units and components of any units were developed and manufactured only by the internal divisions of the company. This gave and still gives Liebherr a key engineering advantage over competitors who have to settle for third-party solutions.


Thanks to this approach, all Liebherr household appliances enjoy a reputation for being ultra-reliable. All operations for maintenance, repair and restoration of units are regulated by the manufacturer and are provided with certified spare parts, testing equipment and special tools.

The company refers to the key components of refrigeration and freezing units on-board electronics, motor-compressors, patented storage systems. These elements are considered the most resource-intensive and designed for long-term operation. Less significant components, such as temperature sensors or thermostats, can be easily replaced with new ones.

It is easy and pleasant to repair and maintain Liebherr equipment thanks to well-thought-out engineering solutions and a clear system of interaction with the manufacturer.

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