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SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5526 Manual
SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5526 Manual
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SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5536 Manual
SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5536 Manual
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SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5516 Manual
SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5516 Manual
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SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5536 L Manual
SCHULTHESS Spirit XLI 5536 L Manual
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Gentle, fast and efficient: the Schulthess washing machine for home use, always at your service. With the myTop5 button, washing at 20°C, smart sensors and special programs make laundry care a child's play.


Easy to use, reliable, fast and economical: Schulthess washing machines and dryers.

 Schulthess home appliances are designed to make your life easier. Schulthess is constantly developing innovative solutions such as special iron dry programmes, dirt sensor and the fastest wash programmes. High environmental standards make our products stand out from the rest.

 8 reasons to choose Schulthess washing machines and dryers:

Quick wash programs

Quick drying programs

Express programs for all temperature conditions

Very simple controls

Extremely quiet operation

Low electricity and water consumption

Swiss quality (made in Wolfhausen, Zurich)


Special programs for Schulthess washing machines and dryers:

- Iron dry: wrinkle-free blouses and shirts

- PetPlus: removes animal hair

- SanaPlus and antiBac: programs for people with allergies


Premium model for maximum washing convenience. Original color performance. Inclined panel with a large display for maximum information about the washing process.

 A large number of standard, additional and special programs, based on temperature, type of fabric or type of clothing. Weighing laundry and recommendations for the dosage of detergent. Hygienic cleaning of the drum and detergent drawer. Automatic inclusion of a dirt sensor during the wash and rinse phase to determine the quality of stain removal and the lack of detergent after rinsing.

Art line series. Colour: ANTHRACITE.

 Capacity: 1 - 7 kg

 Equipment of the Spirit eMotion 7040i Artline washing machine

• Large multilingual text display, Russian by default;

• Intuitive control panel;

• Informative encyclopedia of laundry care and stain removal;

• Noise isolation: super-quiet;

• Illumination of the drum;

• The sensor of pollution of linen at a stage of washing and a stage of rinsing;

• Asynchronous motor (quiet and durable operation);

• Automatic weighing of linen and recommendations for the dosage of detergent;

• Indicator of the progress of the program and the remaining time;

• Start delay up to 24 hours;

• Individual settings: eg extra rinse;

• The signal of end of the program adjustable on loudness;

• Door opening angle: 180°;

• Hanging of a door: right/left;

• Colour: Anthracite



• Short "Swiss programs" washing from 20° to 95°C;

• Express programs at all temperatures from 19 minutes;

• sanaPlus washing programs for allergy sufferers;

• myTop5 - button for the most frequently used programs;

• Easy ironing with "Superfinish";

Additional programs: Superfinish - protection against folds / Gentle wash / Prewash / Rinse stop;

• Special programs: Hand wash / Wool / Silk / Shirts and Blouses / Sportswear / Impregnation / Delicates / Curtains / Diapers / Jeans / Spin / Soak up to 12 hours;

• ECO (lower washing temperature);

• AutoClean (car self-cleaning program)


Security systems

• Key lock - protection from children;

• Aqua-stop / Foam control;

• Balancing sensor;

• Water supply/drain control



• Connection to softened or tap water;

• Hot water connection