NAVIEN Gas Boiler Service Manual PDF

Navien CH-180 Service Manual
Navien CH-180 Service Manual
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NAVIEN Owner's Operation Manual
NAVIEN Owner's Operation Manual
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Navien CH-180 Service Manual
Navien CH-180 Service Manual
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Navien Gas Boiler NCB-Service-Manual
Navien Gas Boiler NCB-Service-Manual
Navien Gas Boiler NCB-Service-Manual.pdf
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The production of gas equipment for heating NAVIEN is located in South Korea, and is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of heating equipment in Korea, Japan, the US Pacific region. The Kyung Dong manufacturing plant specializes only in heating equipment and all components for equipment are produced at the same enterprise, which allows us to maintain and control constant quality and form competitive market prices.

Model range of NAVIEN boilers

- Gas single-circuit boilers

 - Double-circuit boilers NAVIEN

- Boilers with an open combustion chamber and with a closed chamber (turbocharged)

 In terms of power, heating boilers are produced from 10 kilowatts to 40 kilowatts, which allows heating both small private houses with an area of 80 square meters and large cottages up to 400 square meters. At the same time, this heating equipment can supply heat for a heating system with radiators and underfloor heating.


Boilers for connection to the chimney Navien Ace ATMO

 This series is ideal for the private sector with houses that have a chimney. As a rule, standard small buildings in villages have areas from 60 to 100 square meters, and for such a house, the heat load with standard insulation can be from 8 to 15 kW. In accordance with these needs, when connecting a village house to gas, the gas industry allocated and registered in the technical passport, a limit on heating, and by law, the power of the gas boiler must correspond to the value specified in those. home passport. For this reason, Navien Ace atmospheric boilers have capacities from 8 to 24 kW, and when replacing the old floor-standing Mayak or Ross cat with a modern boiler, you can buy a Navien boiler of the power that is registered in GOR Gas for your home.

The technical equipment provides for a simple connection of a gas boiler to the heating system, while from the additional materials that you have to buy, these are shut-off valves, an oblique coarse filter for water, a gas filter, and a voltage stabilizer for the safe operation of electronics.


- Stainless steel heat exchanger

- Gas valve

- Water block

- Circulation pump

- Expansion tank to compensate for the heating of the coolant

 - Secondary hot water heat exchanger

 - Boiler automation (electronic control board)

 - Remote programmer (room thermostat)

Double-circuit turbocharged boilers of the Ace TURBO Korea series

 This series provides for the installation of a gas boiler on an external wall, or adjacent to it, while the chimney is displayed on the facade of the building. At the same time, combustion air enters the chimney and flue gases are removed. To force air into the combustion chamber of the boiler, a smart turbine is built into it, which has the ability to select the fan speed according to the amount of incoming gas, which allows you to form the correct gas-air mixture.

 This model has two sizes differing in power:

- Gas boiler Navien Ace 35-K Turbo with a power of 35 kW, which allows you to heat cottages up to 350 meters.

- Double-circuit boiler Navien Ace40-K Turbo - a 40 kilowatt turbocharged boiler, designed to heat houses up to 400 meters.


Gas turbo boiler Navien Deluxe Coaxial model

 The boiler with forced smoke removal has a wide power range from 13 to 30 kW, has an increased flow of hot water for the kitchen and bathroom, which is equal to 12 liters per minute for the boiler of the lowest power, and 18 liters per minute for the 30 kW boiler.

The main advantages include the following features:

- All Navien Deluxe boilers are equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers, which increases its service life up to 20 years.

- Included with the gas heating boiler is a portable, remote control panel, which performs the functions of a room thermostat. Installing such a programmer allows you to save gas up to 15%

- The turbine of the gas boiler has the ability to change its speed, and dynamically adjusts to the power of the gas burner to form the most correct proportion of air and gas.

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