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Weissgauff WMD 6160 D
WMD 6160 D
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Weissgauff WM 4726 D
Weissgauff WM 4726 D
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The company of the same name was founded in Germany at the beginning of the last century by engineer Hauf and inventor Weiss. Today this brand is used to sell home appliances of "German quality". The company does not hide the fact that all products are manufactured at factories in China, Turkey, Romania.


The Weissgauff assortment includes only front-facing machines - freestanding and built-in. With or without dryer. The focus is on the most demanded machines - full-size, heavy-duty machines from the middle price segment. All modifications are spacious and have a high spin speed.


Weissgauff features:

- Drum WATER CUBE DRUM - allows you to wash the most delicate fabrics, protecting them from damage. The surface of the drum is mottled with the smallest honeycombs, due to which a thin layer of water forms between the laundry and its walls, protecting things from damage.

- There is a mode "My program" - you can independently create a convenient mode and save it for future use.

- Thanks to two functions - "Drying" and "Washing / Drying 1 hour" - you can use the drying function both separately and in combination with washing.


The WMI 6128D is the most inexpensive Electronically Controlled Recessed Front CMA. There is a digital display. There is no dryer, which is quite normal for a machine in this price segment. The material of the tank is plastic, but do not assume that this is bad, the plastic tank is quieter.

Capacity: 8 kg. Spin speed: 1200 rpm. Number of programs: 16 (including anti-crease, baby clothes washing, jeans washing, sportswear washing, outerwear washing). Energy efficiency class: A ++. Washing / spinning classes: A / B. Safety: full protection against leaks, protection from children, control of imbalance and foam level. Dimensions: 59.5 x 53.2 x 82.5 cm.