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Xiaomi MiniJ Smart Washing Machine
Xiaomi MiniJ Smart Washing Machine
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Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese corporation founded by Lei Jun in 2010. In 2021, it became the world leader in terms of production volume. It also produces household appliances, tablets, smart watches, electric scooters and much more.

Washing machine Xiaomi Mi Home (Mijia) 1A 8kg

Rugged body and classic design

The Mijia 1A tumble dryer 1A (8kg) has a durable stainless steel inner body and a classic black and white design that can be easily integrated into various home environments.

The size is 595x600x850mm, the net weight is 62kg, and the washer and dryer are integrated. Mijia 1A supports 8kg washing capacity and 5kg drying capacity.

It also supports 12 modes such as wool drying, low temperature drying, hot air circulation washing, etc., which can be adjusted using touch controls. In the washing mode with mites removal, the mites removal rate reaches 97.14%.

First of all, the large capacity of 8 kg allows you to wash several things at once. According to official figures, the capacity of 8 kg allows you to wash 36 shirts, 3 curtains one meter wide, 10 pairs of jeans and 3 sets of bed linen.

Mijia 1A also supports cylinder self-cleaning mode at a high temperature of 60°C to avoid secondary pollution.

The washing machine has a built-in 1200rpm variable speed energy-saving motor, rated washing input 200W, rated spin input 520W, rated drying input 1500W.

Mijia 1A also has a three-in-one damping system that can effectively dampen the vibration generated during operation, making the washing noise level 60 dB(A) and drying mode 72 dB(A).

Model: XHQG80MJ201W

Spin speed: 1200 rpm

Rated input drying power: 1500W

Input parameters: 220 V~ / 50 Hz

Working water pressure: 0.03-1MPa

Energy efficiency level: 1

Spin sound: 72 dB (A)

Rated capacity: 8 kg

Rated washing power input: 200W

Washing noise level: 60dB(A)

Rated heating and washing power: 1900W

Waterproof rating: IPX4 (water splash proof)

Rated input spin power: 520W

Size: 595 x 600 x 850 mm

Weight: 62 kg