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Hoover ACM 16 UK Washing Machine
Hoover ACM 16 UK Washing Machine
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Hoover AHD 1410D/1-80 Washing Machine
Hoover AHD 1410D/1-80 Washing Machine
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Hoover AL 120 PL Washing Machine
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The trade name is Hoover. The main activity of the company for a century has been the production of vacuum cleaners. An interesting fact - the first vacuum cleaner introduced to the world was released under the Hoover brand.


The founder of the company was an American businessman named William Hoover. The founder's own name became the name of the world's largest company that established the production of vacuum cleaners. The start of sales was marked in 1908, and after 12 years, products began to be offered not only in the domestic US market, but also far beyond the country, in almost every corner of the world.

In 1993, the firm's activities were split into two branches: American and European, each of which was subsequently bought out by different corporations. The American branch of the brand merged with TechtronicIndustries, the European one joined the CandyGroup. Today, under the Hoover brand, household appliances from two of the world's largest brands are produced.

 Other branded goods are produced in the PRC. The production of washing machines has three directions: the production of front washers, washer-dryers and devices exclusively for drying clothes.


The latest developments and technologies are used in the production of Hoover automatic washing machines.

 Washers are produced in two series:

 A feature of the models is a special NFC module that allows you to control the car from a smartphone with a loaded software.

The machines can also be controlled using a smartphone. The control is carried out remotely via the WI-Fi network. A specialized application makes it possible to diagnose the system, detect equipment breakdowns, start the required washing program, select additional options for the main mode, etc.

Both series have a convenient “KiloMode” function that automatically weighs the laundry loaded into the drum. Having determined the exact weight of things, down to grams, the intellect independently adjusts the volume of water required for washing, and also determines the required cycle time. Thanks to the built-in option, the amount of electricity consumed by the washing machine is reduced.


The "All in One" function makes it possible to wash a mix of colored items in 60 minutes, while removing the most difficult and stubborn dirt from the fabric fibers, ensuring a high quality cleaning. It seems impossible that the best cleaning result can be achieved in just one hour, but it is. When the “All in One” option is selected, water enters the drum under a strong pressure, in the form of several powerful jets, so the dissolved detergent instantly penetrates into the fabric structure and literally “knocks out” dirt particles in a minimum time.

You can use this function when washing any products, including those made of delicate materials, since cleaning is carried out with water heated to only 20 ° C. This option has three variations and can be applied:


when washing children's clothes, in this case the water will warm up to 60 ° C;

for gentle cleaning of mixed textiles with water at a temperature of 20 degrees;

if you need an express wash of mixed fabrics, the cycle time will be 59 minutes when heated to 40 ° C.


The functionality of Hoover-branded washing machines is very diverse. In addition to the listed options, the machines are equipped with a bunch of useful additions. Depending on the model, the washing machine may have a variety of functions.

 - AquaStop. The add-on allows users of equipment to leave the machine in the process of work, without worrying about an emergency leak in the system. A built-in solenoid valve will prevent such damage.

- Day and night. The option is designed for comfortable use of the machine at night. When you turn on the "Day and Night" mode, spinning in the specified standard program will be canceled, and you will have to turn it on additionally, after all family members wake up.

- Delayed start. A useful feature that allows you to set the start time for washing. Typically, the start of the washer can be delayed for up to 24 hours.

- Adding laundry. With Hoover equipment, the user will no longer have problems with forgotten things not put in the drum. A special door will help load the products after starting the wash.

- Protection against child interference. By locking the control panel while the machine is running, parents do not have to worry that a small child may interfere with the washing process.

Hoover DXOC3426C3 / 2-07 DynamicNext

The machine, despite its shallow depth of only 37.8 cm, can simultaneously wash up to 6 kg of dry laundry. The maximum spin speed is also considered a record for such dimensions and is 1200 rpm. The device is equipped with a standard belt driven electric motor.

the ability to connect with a smartphone via the NFC module;

hourly electricity consumption - 153 kW;

16 washing programs;

the presence of the "Eco Mix" mode, for the simultaneous cleaning of things of any color at a temperature of 20 ° C;

the ability to process products with steam;

the presence of a self-diagnosis function for malfunctions in the system.


The washing machine tank is constructed of high quality stainless steel, which speaks of its strength and reliability. In addition, the steel makes the machine heavier, thus reducing the body vibration during spinning.